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Dry Magnetic Separator

Our dry magnetic separator is designed for separation of dry magnetic materials. It can be used in abrasive tools, refractory, nonmetallic mineral, carbon, food, feed, chemical materials, etc. The magnetic separator can also be used for manganese and other minerals with weak magnetic sorting operation.

1. This series of our dry magnetic separator from single cylinder to four cylinders can eliminate iron from dry powder continuously and automatically and its magnetism is designed uniquely.
2. The magnetic source is permanent magnetic NdFeB materials which is the king of magnetism.
3. This magnetic separator has strong magnetic field and attractive force, and high rate of eliminating iron. It also has the characteristics of maintenance free, energy saving, safety and reliability. We can control the quantity of materials of different particles.
4. Our dry magnetic separator features short magnet circuit, little magnetic flux leakage, magnetic field strength (13000-15000Gs), enrichment ratio, high recovery rate after two sorting, in addition the iron effect is good.

Main Technical Parameters of our Dry Magnetic Separator

Model The strength of magnetic field (GS) Separation Size (mm) Capacity (t/h) Power (kw)
QCG-2-60-110 12000-14500 0.4-5 2-3 1.1
QCG-2-110-150 12000-14500 0.4-5 4-5 1.5
QCG-2-150-220 12000-14500 0.4-5 4-6 1.5
QCG-2-220-320 12000-15000 0.4-5 5-7 3
Model Cylinder Size (length) (mm) Magnetic Induction (Gs) Power
Cylinder Speed
Weight (kg) Introduction
GSC-618 600*1800 1000-5000 2.2 46 3320 We can produce dry magnetic separator according to the customer's demands.
GSC-718 750*1800 1000-5000 3 46 2500
GSC-7520 750*2000 1000-5000 3 46 3870
GSC-7522 750*2200 1000-5000 4 46 4050
GSC-7526 750*2600 1000-5000 4 46 4420
GSC-9018 900*1800 1000-5000 5.5 36 5750
GSC-9024 900*2400 1000-5000 7.5 36 6050
GSC-10240 1050*2400 1000-5000 11 36 8300
GSC-12240 1200*2400 1000-5000 15 30 12000

The main machinery is in nude packing and spares parts are packed in wooden or steel box. The standard export packing is suitable for long distance delivery.

As one of the largest Chinese professional dry magnetic separator manufacturers and suppliers, Zhengzhou We provides high quality and large capacity of products to our customers at lower price.

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