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Belt Conveyor

Belt conveyor also named continuous conveyor is the materiel transporting machine which transports the material in a certain line. Its conveying ability is big and conveying distance is long. Our belt conveyor can be used independently or used together with other transporting equipment to form a horizontal or oblique conveying system, thus meeting customers' different requirements. Our conveyor can complete several operations in the conveying process, so it is widely used in all kinds of industry.

Our belt conveyor is widely used in mine, macadam court, metallurgy, construction, chemical, ore industries. Additionally, our belt conveyor is applicable to convey the material whose bulk density is no more than 1.67T/m3 and is easy to get out, like core, sand, cement, fertilizer, food stuffs and so on. The conveyed material's temperature should be no more than 60 degrees. The conveyor belt length and installation style can be determined by customer requirement. The drive device of conveyor belt can use electrical roller and also can use the drive set which has driver.

Main Technical Parameters of our Belt Conveyor

Model Conveying Capacity (m3/h) Cylinder Diameter (mm) Motor Power (kw)
B500 25-143 500 1.5-3
B650 40-243 630 1.5-4.5
B800 75-500 630 2.2-7.5
B1000 140-770 800 4-11
B1200 200-980 1000 5-22

The main machinery is in nude packing and spares parts are packed in wooden or steel box. The standard export packing is suitable for long distance delivery.

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