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Jaw Crusher

Our jaw crusher, a kind of stone crusher, is also called rock crusher. Our jaw crusher is widely used in many industries including mining, smelt metal, building materials, public road, railway, water conservation, chemical industry and so on.

Main Features
1. The cavity of our jaw crusher is deep with no dead area, so it prompts the feeding capacity and output.
2. The size of the reduction ratio is big and the production size is even more.
3. Adjustment device of the spacer style discharge mouth of our jaw crusher is convenient and reliable, thus this equipment's adjustment range is greatly improving the flexibility of equipment.
4. The lubrication system of our jaw crusher is safe and reliable and the component replacement is convenient thus, the maintenance work is small.
5. Its structure is simple and its operation is reliable and the operation charge is low.
6. Our jaw crusher is an energy conservation machine which can save from 15% to 30% and the machine system energy conservation is more than twice of the single machine.
7. The adjustment range of the outlet is big, so it can satisfy the requirement of different customers.
8. The noise of jaw crusher is low and dust is little when jaw crusher works.

Our jaw crusher is mainly composed of stander, eccentric shaft, belt pulley, flywheel, movable jaw plate, wrist plate, adjustable gap screw, offsetting spring, fixed jaw plate. The wrist plate also has the effect of guarding.

Working Principle of Our Jaw Crusher
The motor drives the belt and belt pulley to make the moveable jaw move through the eccentric shaft. When movable jaw is rising, the included angle between the wrist plate and movable jaw become bigger to drive the movable plate to be close to the fixed plate. At the same time the material is squeezed and rubbed, rolled to achieve multiple crushing. When movable jaw is descending, the included angle between the wrist plate and movable jaw becomes smaller and then the movable plate leaves the fixed plate. Thus, the crushed material is discharged from the crushing cavity. With the continuous rotation of the motor, the movable jaw crushes, discharges the material periodically to realize batch production.

Main Technical Parameters of our Jaw Crusher

Type Specifications Motor Power (kw) Overall Dimensions (L*W*H) (mm) Weight (kg)
Max. Feed Size (mm) Adjustment Scopes (mm) Production Capacity (m3/h) Rotating Speed of Mainshaft (r/min)
PEF150*250 125 10-40 1-3 285 7.5 922*745*933 700
PEF200*300 165 20-70 2-8 265 11 1056*1100*1120 800
PEF250*400 210 20-80 5-20 310 18.5 1108*1142*1392 3000
PEF400*600 340 40-90 10-40 275 30 1700*1732*1392 7200
PEF350*750 290 30-55 20-50 300 37 1900*1806*1808 8900
PEF500*750 425 50-100 34-68 275 55 2050*1860*2145 11320
PEF600*900 480 75-200 40-120 255 75 2792*2168*2250 17600
PEF750*1060 630 80-200 80-160 250 90 4180*2560*3070 30530
PEF900*1200 750 100-200 110-200 250 110 5200*2900*3500 50000
PEF1200*1500 1020 150-300 220-400 180 160 4200*3300*3500 106000
PEX150*750 125 10-40 5-15 300 15 1220*1480*1180 3600
PEX250*1000 210 15-55 10-32 300 37 1580*1992*1380 7350
PEX250*1200 210 15-60 12-38 300 37 1530*2192*1380 8700
PEX300*1300 250 20-90 16-65 300 55 1930*2400*1747 11600

The main machinery is in nude packing and spares parts are packed in wooden or steel box. The standard export packing is suitable for long distance delivery.

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