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Roller Crusher

Our roller crusher can grind hard, medium hard ore and rock in mine, chemical, cement, refractory, construction industry, etc. Our roller crusher has better effect than common machine in construction material industry. It features large feeding size and adjustable discharging size.

This series of roller crusher is composed of rollers, compression and adjustment devices, and drive unit.

Working Principle of Our Roller Crusher
There is wedge or gasket adjustment device between two rollers of roller crusher. The adjusting screw bolts are fixed on the head of wedge. When the adjusting screw bolts pull the wedge upwards, the wedge makes the moving roller be apart from fixed roller. The gap between the two rollers becomes bigger and then the discharging granularity becomes bigger. When the wedge goes downwards, the gap of the two rollers becomes smaller and then the discharging granularity becomes smaller. Gasket device adjusts the granularity by decreasing and increasing the gasket numbers or thickness and when the gasket number increases, the gap of two rollers and granularity become bigger.

Main Technical Parameters of Our Roller Crusher

Type Feeding Size (mm) Discharging Size (mm) Production Capacity (t/h) Motor Power (kw) Machine Weight (Kg)
2PG-400*250 ≤25 2-8 5-10 11 1100
2PG-610*400 ≤40 1-20 13-40 30 3500
2PG-750*500 ≤40 2-20 20-55 37 12250
2PG-900*500 ≤40 3-40 60-125 44 14000

1. For the sake of safety, customers can install safety cover for the drive unit.
2. An iron removal device should be utilized.
3. Viscous materials may cause blockage problem. Before start solving this problem, please first stop the machine.
4. Avoid injury or damage caused by large pieces of material that are squeezed out from the crushing chamber.
5. Regularly inspect the roller crusher and ensure timely lubrication.

The main machinery is in nude packing and spares parts are packed in wooden or steel box. The standard export packing is suitable for long distance delivery.

As one of the largest Chinese professional roller crusher manufacturers and suppliers, Zhengzhou We provides high quality and large capacity of products to our customers at lower price.

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