Cement Mill

Cement Mill

Our company is in a position to supply whole set of cement production line equipment and take the turnkey project. Our cement mill is an essential machine for cement production line. It can not only grind raw materials and finished products in cement factories, but also grind various ores and other grindable materials in metallurgy, chemical, electric power and other fields.

Due to our constant focus on product improvement, our cement mill now offers such advantages as great adaptability, high reduction ratio and continuous operation. In addition, the fineness of final products is easy to adjust.

Specifications of Cement Mill

Model Production Capacity (t/h) Mill Pattern Driving Method Power (kw) Reducer Weight (t) Remark
Model Ratio
Ø 2.2x7m 8-9 Open flow Edge 380 ZD70 5 54 Without motor
Ø 2.2x7.5m 10-11 Open flow Edge 380 ZD70 5 63
Ø 2.2x8m 10-12 Open flow Edge 380 ZD70 5 65
Ø 2.2x9.5m 14-16 Open flow Edge 475 ZD70 5 70
Ø 2.4x10m 19-19 Open flow Edge 630 JR75 5.64 94.5
Ø 2.4x11m 19-21 Open flow Edge 630 RZD80 6.3 99.2
Ø 2.4x13m 21-23 Open flow Edge 800 MBY710 7.1 115.2
Ø 2.6x13m 28-32 Open flow Edge 1000 MBY800 7.1 148
Ø 2.6x13m 28-32 Open flow Central 1000 MBY100 19.5 101.73
Ø 3x12m 32-35 Open flow Edge 1250 MBY900 7.1 168.6
Ø 3x13m 34-37 Open flow Edge 1400 MBY900 7.1 172.26
Ø 3.2x13m 45-50 Open flow Edge 1600 MBY1000 7.1 196.26
Ø 3.8x13m 60-62 Open flow Edge 2500 MFY250 16.5 204
Ø 4.2x13m 85-87 Open flow Edge 3530 JQS3550 15.6 254

The main machinery is in nude packing and spare parts are packed in wooden or steel box. The standard export packing is suitable for long distance delivery.

As one of the largest Chinese professional cement mill manufacturers and suppliers, Zhengzhou We provides high quality and large capacity of products to our customers at lower price.

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